About Me

Hello, I’m Allison.

My friends will tell you that I’m a member of the “dark side.” As a trained journalist I should be writing stories about new businesses, community happenings and government fails but marketing won over my love for journalism. Now my job is to help clients leverage the power of the written word to grow their business or spread their message.

I’m a content professional living in West Palm Beach, Florida. I manage projects and writers and help clients expand their reach on the internet via content organization, editing, optimization and project management.



Beyond Work

I love my career (and my day job), but it doesn’t define me. My life goals include traveling to Nepal and learning to Salsa dance. I would also love to learn Spanish. Of those three things, Salsa dancing is probably the least likely to happen. I have a dog, Corbett, two younger sisters and a lot of cousins.

I have a strange obsession over the Titanic (both the historical event and the movie). Yes, Leonardo DiCaprio is the sexiest man alive. I shed tears when the Associated Press removed the distinction between “over” and “more than.” Shaggy songs make me happy and I hate milk, gendered language and using my iPhone in bed.

I’m a self-proclaimed Parrothead (just like most Florida girls) and the kind of person who prefers to manually turn the headlights on and off even though the car has an automatic setting. I embrace technology in some aspects of my life but am wary about the hold our gadgets have on our relationships.

I try to live my life on my own terms – a cliche that I didn’t fully understand until after college. I’m always chasing experiences that make me nervous because I believe nerves are a sign of growth. There is great danger in being too comfortable.