Awesome Wedding Ideas I Didn’t Have Time For

Back Burner Wedding Projects

If time and money wasn’t an issue I would tackle these projects ….

  • Icing the groomsmen – Yes, I had time for this, but I didn’t want to start them drinking at 10 a.m., so I left this idea for another time.
  • DIY napkin rings – I thought these would make the table settings look so much nicer, plus you can be creative with the colors.
  • Wear a short dress – I considered short dresses, but in the end the long gown made everyone cry. You can’t really argue when you find a dress that makes five girls cry. At the end of the night my long dress was DIRTY. Plus, it was a pain to manage all night, and really hot. A short dress take up less space, is cheaper and easier to wear. I did wear a tutu for my bridal shower though!


  • Ask your guest to create a bucket list – We consider ourselves a pretty adventurous couple, so this seemed like a good way to have our guests share their favorite adventures with us. It was just one craft to many.
  • Cocktail napkins with fun facts – I also priced this idea out and although it wasn’t expensive I decided this was how weddings go from moderately expensive to over the top. I didn’t need fun fact napkins, so I stopped myself from ordering them (would have ben cute though).
  • Information about the bridal party – I wasted more than 10 hours of my life creating a brochure with pictures and facts about each member of our bridal party. At the last minute it became unclear whether a groomsmen was going to join us or not. To precent unnecessary questions and drama I pulled the printing at the last minute.
  • A clear tent – I had the option of having the reception outdoors in a tent, or in the dining hall. The final decision here was made based on weather, bugs, no AC and budget.
  • Message for the groom on your ring finger – I know this would have made Austin laugh. After getting my nails done I just didn’t trust myself to make it look good.
  • Have an artist live pain your ceremony – I even got a quote for this, but it came down to a money issue. I couldn’t justify shelling over an extra $600 for a painting. However, after the fact I had the thought to hire a student artist. They would likely do this for half the price.
  • The cutest place cards in the world – I often wonder how long it would have taken me to do this. When I sat down and estimated the man power I just couldn’t pull the trigger. I think this is better for a dinner party (smaller group).

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