My Southwest Themed Bridal Shower

Tequila, Tacos and Wedding Bells

Someone please tell me what is better than tequila and tacos?

When it came to bridal party planning, I decided it was probably easier to have a theme for the soiree. I love tacos, margaritas, rice, guacamole, nachos – yum! It isn’t Austin’s thing though, so this was the perfect theme for a day that is supposed to be all about me.

The event was catered by Hugo’s Gourmet Catering in West Palm Beach (highly recommended). My mother and sisters mixed up the margaritas and handled all the decor. We rented a house in downtown West Palm Beach so that my girlfriends could spend the night. We celebrated my bachelorette party later that night (after a nap, of course).

Bridal Shower - Gagliardi

We gave out seeds for the bridal shower favor (pictured below). My sister had the table runners imported from Mexico. Yeah, they were legit.Bridal Shower 2 - Gagliardi

I’m not a big fan of games and I didn’t want to do anything too disruptive. I stumbled upon this non-lame idea a few days before. The best part is that I get to show off those photos. How frickin’ cute is Austin in number 9?!?

I had created this board for the ceremony, so it was convenient to be able to reuse it for this purpose.

Brida Shower 3 - Gagliardi


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