Wedding Planning: What I Would Do Differently

Now that the big day is over and gone I think I am ready to come face-to-face with everything that went wrong.  Yes, it was the best day ever, but things went wrong … really wrong. If someone can benefit from my mistakes it’s worth reliving them.



1. Listen to your gut when it comes to hiring to vendors.

When I booked my rental company I had a thought in the back of my head that she might not be the best option. When we were discussing my needs she was so attentive and helpful that I decided to move forward even though her rates were much lower than the other quotes I’d been given. I remember thinking “all she has to do is deliver the linens, how can she mess that up?” Oh how silly of me. You can mess that up. She did.

The rentals were scheduled to be delivered between 12 and 2 p.m. the night before the wedding. They arrived at 11 p.m. at night. Enough said, right?

Bottom line: If something in your gut makes you second guess signing on with a contractor, listen.



2. Definitely go with round tables for dinner.

I loved the idea of rectangular tables (four on each side), so I went with it. A nice idea in theory, yes, but it makes it difficult to sit an odd number of people. If you seat five or seven people at a table for eight someone will be looking across at an empty chair. You are forced to keep the numbers even so everyone has a table buddy. Keeping the numbers even is near impossible. You’re going to have to make seating sacrifices and it just isn’t worth it.

Round tables give you some wiggle room. If you need to you can add an extra chair without a problem and can seat an odd or even amount of people without having to worry that it will look empty.



3. Designate a wardrobe spotter.

In almost every picture Austin has the paper he wrote his vows on sticking out of his pocket. You can see this during our first look, formal portraits, the ceremony, our grand entrance and the first dance.

During the entire first half of the family portraits the bow on the front of my dress was untied. I wish someone had pointed these things out. If I did it again I would designate someone to notice things you aren’t going to like in photos later (crooked belts, missed belt loops, sunglasses, hair blowing in your face, something in your pockets, untied bows, unzipped zippers, untied shoes).



4. Host the rehearsal dinner far away from the ceremony/reception site.

No doubt about it … I was stressed during my rehearsal dinner. The linens had not yet showed up and all I could think about was the boxes on my to-do list that were not checked off yet. I ran around all day setting up and couldn’t force myself to stop in time to take a shower before the our guest arrived. Yeah, I went stinky and sweaty, and I regret it.

The whole night my ceremony and reception site was just across the way and it was distracting. If you want to fully enjoy the moment, make plans to host your dinner elsewhere.

Also, it might not be a bad idea to bring a back-up outfit. I forget the belt that went with my dress and it was (in that moment) earth-shattering. I still cringe when I look at the photos.






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